Thursday, December 17, 2009


Where: Vapiano, 119 Albert Lane Brisbane

When you bring Italy and Australia together you get some good things – like Ron Barassi and the Daddo brothers.

But when you bring traditional Italian recipes together with fresh local Australian produce, that’s when you get some truly great things.

To celebrate the coming together of these truly great things, we invite you to join us and director Will Cooke to be one of the first in Brisbane to enjoy the Vapiano experience.

With over 65 locations across the globe, Brisbane will be home to the first Vapiano on Australian soil.

Vapiano creates all its dishes from good, old-fashioned Italian recipes using on the best local meat, produce, cheese and flour. And when we say local, we mean local. Wherever possible, Vapiano sources everything from within a 150 kilometer radius. The fresh herbs are grown right right in our herb garden and placed on our tables for you to get your dishes flavours just the way you like them.

In the words of the Italians, “chi va piano, va sano e va lontano”, which literally translated means “do everything easy and relaxed in life, live healthier and longer”.

Editors Note

Vapiano offers a fresh and innovative approach to the modern Italian dining experience while featuring many classical Italian dishes

The restaurant which is one of 65 in the chain currently around the world, makes its own fresh pasta for preparing and serving from the open styled kitchens – the food preparation process is fully transparent, including the pasta making and adds a touch of interest for those who are interested beyond the plate.

Another curious yet very practical feature of Vapiano is the individual billing system, based on a plastic card which you receive upon arrival and scan for reach item you order. Each person has their own bill. Most convenient for the lunch time market.

Built over two levels and featuring a beautiful mature Olive Tree as one of the central focal points in the upstairs dining and bar, the food was enjoyable and certainly very fresh. I enjoyed the approach and will certainly return.


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